“We identify the best options available to our clients to resolve their disputes. Our experience in trial litigation and in the management of crisis situations allows us to build strong and innovative defence strategies customized for our clients.”

Business litigation

Corporate and equity litigation (disputes between partners, liability of company directors and collegiate bodies, post-acquisition litigation, etc.) - Stock market litigation - Civil and commercial litigation - etc.

Competition Litigation

Proceedings before the Competition Authority or the European Commission and their supervisory courts - Litigation for compensation before the civil and commercial courts - Litigation against restrictive competition practices - Unfair competition and parasitism - etc.

Disciplinary law of the regulated professions and federations

Health professionals - Accountants - Auditors - Assistance before sports federations - Assistance before professional federations - etc.

Press law and damage to reputation

Defamation and insult - Invasion of privacy - Right to be forgotten (assistance with removal of content from the Internet) - Management of damage to reputation - etc.

Methods of enforcement

Precautionary measures - Enforcement of decisions - Debt collection - etc.

Public litigation

Appeals for annulment of regulations and administrative decisions (sanctions, refusals of authorization, police measures) –Contractual and pre-contractual litigation - Claims for damages – Interim proceedings