Commercial – Distribution


"We share our clients' entrepreneurial vision and work alongside them on a daily basis in commercial and distribution law so that the applicable rules become a vehicle for their development"

Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts

Supply contract - Partnership contract - Trademark licence contract - Subcontracting contract - Service provision contract - etc.

Compliance of commercial practices

General terms and conditions of sale - Invoicing - Resale at a loss - Significant imbalance between the rights and obligations of the parties - Discount policy - Breach of commercial relations - etc.

Structuring of distribution networks

Franchising - Selective distribution - Exclusive distribution - Business referral - Commercial agent - E-commerce - etc.

Investigations and controls by the DGCCRF

Compliance with business-to-business payment periods - Practices contrary to the balance of commercial relations - Misleading commercial practices - Safety and conformity of products and services - etc.

Sales and acquisitions of business assets

Negotiation and drafting of the promise to sell and the final deed of sale - Assistance in lifting the conditions precedent - Escrow of the sale price - Follow-up of formalities with the tax authorities and the registry - etc.