White collar crime


“The depth of our experience in trial litigation and in the management of crisis situations enables us to skillfully defend our clients in criminal proceedings, whether they are victims or defendants. Before any litigation, we anticipate the criminal risk weighing on our clients in order to secure their activities.”

Criminal Business Law

Abuse of corporate assets - Breach of trust - Money laundering - Corruption - Fraud - Tax fraud - etc.

Criminal Competition and Consumer Law

Active participation in anti-competitive practices - Aggressive commercial practices or deception in relation to a good or service - Alleged violation of the Evin law - etc.


Protection of company secrets - Computer fraud - Ransomware - etc.

Public criminal Law

Embezzlement of public property - Criminal law on town planning - Favouritism - Illegal taking of interest - Influence peddling and corruption - etc.

Criminal labour Law and unintentional offences

Illegal hiring out of employees - Illegal labour brokering and lending - Undeclared work - Illegal employment of foreign workers - Moral and sexual harassment - Unintentional injury and homicide - etc.

Criminal Medical, environmental and health Law